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This is a short summary of the graphology meetings held at Oxford and Cambridge since 1987. These milestones in graphological history facilitated international collaboration. They led to further symposia and as many new books. They provided a forum of debate. It was envisaged that "no one organisation should call it their territory, and that the organising body should appreciate that attendance cannot be limited to its members". To some extent this ideal was achieved.


St. Edmund Hall, founded in 1278,  is a small, little known and old-fashioned college. This was the venue of the First British Symposium on Graphological Research in 1987. It was here that well known names gathered to debate the status of graphology. The following names will be familiar to many supporters of the subject: John Beck, Ellen Bowers, Charlie Cole, Christian Dettweiler, Renate Griffiths, Felix Klein, Betty Link, Oskar Lockowandt, Usha Mullan, Renna Nezos, Erik Rees, Roger Rubin, Marc Seifer, Maria Victoria Sen, Barbara Sinclair, Rex Smith, Alex Tulloch and Patricia Wellingham-Jones. They are just a few names that appeared on the list of delegates. We can picture them in St. Edmunds Hall, busily discussing the future of graphology. The turnout was such that the small hall could not fully accommodate the delegates, and the nearby Holywell Music Room (Europe’s oldest purpose-built Music Hall) was used for most presentations.



Wadham College was named after its founder and is noted for its well laid-out and secluded gardens, it was completed in 1613 and little has changed. This was the venue for the 1999 British Symposium of Graphology, organised by the British Institute of Graphologists.


Known as the Seventh British Symposium on Graphology. Chris Loeffler – The Road to Reconciliation; Anna Koren – Serial Killers; Shirl Solomon – Signs of Violence in Children’s Writings and Drawings; Tatiana de Barelli – Portraits of Women Today; Michal Naftali – Integrity; Dafna Yalon – And After All, What is a Lie? ‘Tis But the Truth in Masquerade; Madeleine Blanquefort d’Anglards – The Skin Ego; Esther Dosch – Rhythm; John Beck – The Jungian Laws of Libido in Handwriting; Maresi de Monchy – Intelligence in Handwriting; Christopher Molander – The Vertical Slant; Roma Avishai – The Making of a Leader; Nigel Bradley – The Application and Prices of Graphology   Here are some photos


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