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Full Report

Report Authors:
Michael Browne, Julian Allen and Stephen Anderson (University of Westminster).

Mick Jackson (Freight Transport Association).

October 2001



This study was commissioned by the DTI as a result of perceived gaps in available information concerning home deliveries as identified by the Retail Logistics Task Force (DTI Foresight). The report available below contains the detailed findings of the research carried out into home deliveries in the UK.

The work was carried out with Dr Mick Jackson, Head of Logistics at the Freight Transport Association.

The purpose of the study was:

To gauge current knowledge about business to consumer (B2C) home deliveries

To identify gaps in current understanding of B2C home deliveries

To consider future research needs related to B2C home deliveries

The work has been concerned with all aspects of home delivery, from the economic scale and opportunities offered by B2C home deliveries, through the operational efficiency of fulfilment and delivery systems, to considerations of the current environmental impact of deliveries and social inclusion issues.

The research has identified the fast-growing new market for home delivery resulting both from changes in social habits and the impact of e-commerce. It has also examined the potential growth in home deliveries and makes recommendations for dealing with the potential social, economic and environmental impacts of increased demand for delivery to the home.

The research is part of the continuing work commissioned by DTI into e-commerce and home shopping, as reflected by previous reports including "@ Your Service" (Retail Logistics Task Force, 2000) and "Bricks and Clicks" (Retail e-commerce Task Force, 2000).

The "@ Your Home: New Markets for Customer Service and Delivery" report published in October 2001 by the DTI which is based on the study, is available on the Retail and Consumer Services Panel's page on the DTI Foresight website.

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